Tyrell IVE - First Ride

The Tyrell IVE, is Tyrell’s answer for a quick-fold, easy-riding compact bicycle to add to their lineup of stylish performance mini-velos.

Ride it.  Love it. The IVE folding bicycle


At first glance, the Tyrell DNA is instantly recognisable. The slant design of the frame, clean design lines and trendy colour scheme shows off the stylish side that Tyrell has come to be known for. The IVE comes in 5 colours for now, which Tyrell says will be adding more colours in time to come.

First Look

The quality of the build is evident. For this model, Hirose-san the founding architect and designer of Tyrell, has chosen chromoly steel as the frame material, with the intention to deliver a comfortable and solid ride. Welded joints are buffed off by hand, which is typical of Tyrell’s attention to detail and beauty of their production.


Tektro v-brake levers give a solid tactile feel and the rubber handlegrips are comfortable and feel premium. Fenders come standard and options are available for front and rear racks, which show the practical side of this bike. Tyrell has chosen to use 18-inch wheelsets, to marry a balance of easy-rolling, compact and performance. Schwalbe Marathon Racer is the tire of choice and for the drivetrain, Shimano Sora 9-speed drivetrain.

The Fold

Like the Tyrell FX and FSX, the IVE folds by having the rear triangle swing in vertically. The attached small roller wheels mean that the IVE can be pushed around when folded. For a more compact fold, the front fork also swings in, the handlepost folds down and the seatpost lowers into a 700 x 580 x 340mm package. What is neat about the IVE is that the quick release lever to swing in the rear triangle is located on the left handlebar.


It may not seem obvious at first, but this turns to be very convenient to use when you hop off the bike and you want to push the bike onto a bus or train but you do not need to fold down entirely. Just hold the bike by the seat, press the quick release lever and the rear triangle swings in intuitively and compactly by your side, and you can push the bike comfortably like a trolley into a crowded space.

The Ride

Tyrell could probably achieve a more compact fold by choosing 16-inch wheelsets, but it looks like they have concluded that for the slight increase in footprint, the bike can give a more lively and better performing ride. And I would tend to agree – with a 16-inch wheel, the front of the bike tends to feel light and twitchy. With a 18-inch wheelset, the front of the IVE is stable and feels closer to a 20-inch mini velo. Riding is a joy, the chromoly steel frame is solid and displayed no flex, and absorbs all the bumps and vibrations from the road and pavement nicely.

There is an elastomer block where the rear triangle joins up to the mainframe, which probably provides some suspension, but I believe it is chromoly steel that is doing most of the vibration absorption. This minimises rider fatigue, which makes you feel you can go on riding endlessly, and if you choose this bike for commute, it means you arrive at the office fresh and not worn out from a jarring ride.

Riding this bike would feel like driving a mini sports car. The handlebars are slightly low so the ride posture is slightly inclined rather than upright. But this actually reminds me of my ride experience on the Tyrell FX, which is a great thing by Tyrell rather than giving a commuter bike that feels entirely different from what they have come to be known for. Combined with the Shimano Sora 9-speed drivetrain and Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires, this translates to a lively and dynamic ride.


Like the FX, the IVE is able to coax and encourage you to power it up just a little bit more, and every time your legs give it a bit more, the drivetrain does not disappoint and matches up to it. The Shimano Sora drivetrain is a comfortable match, but should you want to move up a notch, consider to upgrade it to 10-speed Shimano Tiagra.

You won’t hit cruising speeds like that of the FX, that’s not what the IVE is built for – it has a shorter wheelbase than the FX. You can probably do 25-28 km/h comfortably, which is still pretty decent in my opinion. What is still very present is the agility and lightness of the ride that Tyrell is known for, and this is where the IVE performs very well with its shorter wheelbase and its 18-inch wheels, compared to the FX. Park connectors, cycling lanes are a breeze to manoeuvre through!


The beautiful Tyrell IVE does attract its fair share of admiring glances, which sometimes make you wonder if you want to cruise slowly for others to see, or power up to show its performance.


With stylish looks and quality build, the Tyrell IVE is set to make commuting fun. I can see myself riding this little beauty around town and the neighbourhood, to commute to work or for recreational rides on the park connectors.