Tyrell Mini-Velos

Founded by Mr Masahito Hirose in 2004, Japanese bicycle maker Tyrell is famed for their mini-velo bikes. With fine attention to design and materials, Tyrells are the finest small wheeled sports performance cycles anywhere


Ride it. Love it. Tyrell Mini-Velos. 

Founded by Mr Masahito Hirose in 2004, Japanese bicycle maker, Tyrell is famed for their mini-velos. It is noteworthy that the brand has already garnered numerous design awards in Japan, even before their products were first launched to the consumer market in 2005. Not surprising considering the fact that all Tyrell bikes are designed and assembled in Japan under the strict supervision of Mr Hirose.

What is a Mini-velo:


Mini-velos are full sized road bicycles with 20" wheels that originated in Japan and Korea. Designed for use in the tight urban environments inb these countries, these bicycles are light and compact compared to their ubiquitous bigger wheeled brothers.  And being ultra maneuverable and fast accelerating, it makes them perfect for dense city living.


The original Tyrell mini-velos were fixed frame pure speedsters.  The range has been extended to include folding models and now, with th eintroduction of the IVE, a folding mini-velo that delivers the ride characteristics of a Tyrell but designed for convenience in commuting or recreational riding.


This makes mini-velos especially relevant for us here in Singapore. The mini-velo’s appeal also lies with its appearance - started in the land of the fashion trendy, mini-velos are popular among “hipster” cyclists.

In the recent cycling scene, mini-velos are the preferred mini wheel option for winners

Quality and Precision

Engineered with great detail to quality and function, Tyrell bicycles have already proven themselves as performance bicycles of choice.   Every Tyrell mini-velo has been engineered to deliver a great riding experience.  It looks great, has a beautifully balanced frame, and in action feels stiff and very stable.  For the enthusiastic rider, it achieves great speed as well as being huge fun.

Available in two wheel sizes and in folding or fixed variants, Tyrell offers a new experience for the serious cyclist.  They also look very cool!

Tyrell has re-invented the small wheel bicycle genre with style and engineering excellence

The Bicycles

FSX 406 format wheel size, carbon folding fork and alloy double butted frame delivers strength yet still lightweight enough for performance riding, folding frame

FX:   406 format wheel size, an everyday bike but still sporty when you want to power on, folding frame

IVE SPORT:  355 format wheel size, ultra compact, ideal for commuting or recreational riding, folding frame

CX:  451 format wheel size, designed for a comfortable, stable ride, fixed frame

PK1:  451 format wheel size, a thoroughbred racer, Titanium double butted tube frame, fixed frame




PKZ:  451 format wheel size, the PK1's big brother

XF:  406 format wheel size, the pinnacle of Tyrell bicycles.  !0th Anniversary edition, pure titanium with Gikiso hub, folding frame