The Tyrell Story

Masahito Hirose was a huge cycling enthusiast, and he wanted to make a bike for himself.  There was, initially, no intention of creating Tyrell. It was all for himself. So in 2003, the first design was hatched in his home.


But because he was still working full time as an architect, Hirose-san took two years before his first design was complete.

In 2005, the first complete design and prototype was created, and the first Tyrell was born. It bore the same characteristics of a typical Tyrell - the top and bottom tube that are intersected by a diagonal reinforcement tube, and the 20" wheels favoured throughout Tyrell's line-up.

Hirose-san decided to show his brainchild to his friends and acquaintances, and they all gave their marked approval.


This was the moment he decided to create a brand called Tyrell.

The genesis of the name lies in Hirose-san’s admiration for the movie Bladerunner, where the corporation run by one of the main protagonists is called Tyrell.  Also, he took great inspiration from the innovative Tyrrell P34 Formula 1 race car – which introduced four steering front wheels.  

This double inspiration inevitbably led to the new brand being called ‘Tyrell’.

Masahito Hirose designs his bikes to be light, fast and customizable. The first two characteristics are immediately evident when you view the bike. Most of Tyrell's bikes come with single integer weights – light -  ready to ride, and often, you will see Tyrells with dropbars or bullbars.

As for customization, there are also a large range of colours which you can choose for your Tyrell.