The Story of Kiffy

Kiffy from France is a new concept in adult tricycle that is as adaptable as the imagination of the rider.  Practical, fun, all in one unique package


Ride it. Love it. Kiffy Practical & Fun. 

For a long time, bike fans have been used to configuring their bike to their needs - frame, wheel size, derailleur, tyres, etc.  But now, with the advent of Kiffy, the bike also adapts to the activities of its user.


As it goes from city biking to mountain biking paths in the blink of an eye, it can squarely transform itself, like a Swiss knife: it becomes a supermarket trolley, a child carrier, a golf caddy, , indeed it can metamorphose into a workhorse to suit many private and business requirements.


It is in Saint-Cyprien, outside of St Etienne in France’s Loire valley that the Kiffy has been conceived and born.  


Kiffy is a modular tricycle, all aluminum and weighing less than 15 kilos, which can, if required, be equipped with electric assistance. A mini-platform as standard is installed between the two front wheels, and can thus accommodate various accessories, which will give a new function to the machine.  For more commercial or industrial usage, a heavy duty plate can be installed, suitable for carrying loads up to 80kgs.


All at the same time - a bicycle, a trolley, a stroller.  So many options.


With a child seat, a windscreen and an anti-rain canvas, you can take the little ones along. With a chest, it becomes a scooter. With a golf bag, it replaces the traditional cart. And with a simple rack, it becomes a transport devil.


But the Kiffy's interest is also its ability to transform. The rear wheel folding, the cyclist becomes pedestrian and he can push his handlebars and his two front wheels in front of him.


"You can cycle to the supermarket, separate the rear wheel and seat, lock them securely, and walk in with the Kiffy as a shopping trolley. It can support between 30 and 80 kilos of load, depending on the version, "explains Christophe Rosentiel.


In the same way, you can ride with your children and turn the bike into a stroller. "We no longer have to be in a logic of choice, cyclist or pedestrian, but in a logic of addition: cyclist and pedestrian, as well as all other modes of transport," explains Norbert Peytour, inventor of the Kiffy.

Who makes this Kiffy? The Kiffy is the work of two companies. Led by Patrice Faivre-Duboz, the Chaudronnerie Fine de la Loire, one of the few companies in the sector still in existence, manages the executives. Located at the Technopole in Saint-Étienne, CFL (18 employees) works for all sectors of activity and serves a hundred clients within a 40-km radius of Saint-Étienne. The ITI Industries group (International Transactions Industrielles) has five manufacturing units in France in the sectors of general mechanics, turning, stamping, stamping and sheet metal work. Led by Christophe Rosenstiel, the head office is in Saint-Cyprien. For the manufacture of Kiffy, the outsourcing of tube bending was entrusted to Dubois Cintrage in Yssingeaux and CMS in Rive-de-Gier. Olympic Cycles ensures the assembly of the tricycle.