7 Reasons to GO IVE!

Renowned for their Japanese sports performance small wheeled bicycles, known as Mini-Velos, Tyrell have turned their art to the 16" / 18" folding category with the IVE  



With their iconic "Slant" frame design, choice of the best and correct materials for each model and an obsessive attention to detail, Tyrell Mini-Velos have built a reputation for fast, Sports Performance Cycles of Desire.


Tyrell truly own the 406 / 451 sports / road racer category.  Their fixed frame, all-titanium pure bred road racing PK1 and PKZ (both 451) and their 10th Anniversary indulgence, the 406 folding all-titanium XF are the cream of the small wheeled speedsters.


And aluminium framed FX sports performance cycle and FSX road racer 406 folders (both on offer at the moment - check Offers 


Tyrell have taken their years of building fast, performance Mini-Velos and their inspiration for small wheeled cycling and created the IVE.


The IVE is a great bicycle to ride.  But what makes it such a successful and great challenger in the 16” / 18” category.


The following are the 8 Reasons to Go IVEQ!


1.  Easy To Fold


Perhaps the most important aspect when considering a compact folding bicycle.  The 16” / 18” category folders are aimed at the lifestyle market, and ease folding is a key requirement, especially if you use your bicycle to travel to work, using public transport, or just making your bicycle part of your everyday life.


Even if you're not familiar with the IVE folding operation, it has been designed to be intuitive.

1.1       Step 1: Easy to Unlock

First, by pressing on the red lever conveniently located on the handlebar, this releases the rear frame.

 1.2       Step 2: Fold the Rear Frame

Then while pressing the red lever, simply lit the bike and flip the rear frame and wheel underneath the seat.

1.3       Step 3:  Sitting Self Supported

The IVE will sit, self-supported and completely stable, the rear of the bike sits on small caster wheels (which also helps you troll the folded IVE around.)  This is so simple and convenient.

1.4       Step 4:  Fold the Fork & Stem

Then, just loosen the front fork locking knob, and fold the fork backward to frame.  At the same time release the handle stem which tucks down beside the wheels.

1.5       Step 5: Completed

The final step – just loosen the seat clamp and press it down.  The IVE is now fully compact.  Convenient to store or put in the back of your car, or easy to carry.

2.  Compact folding size


So the IVE meets the primary requirement of being Easy to Fold.


The second requirement for any folding bicycle, but especially in this category, is that the folded size is compact.


The challenge for Hirose-san, the designer of the IVE was how keep the folded profile compact while still adhering to Tyrell’s principle of using a rigid frame.  Unlike other bicycles in this class which allow the frame itself to fold to keep the final size compact, Tyrell always maintains the integrity of the frame in order to maintain a rigid, stable ride. 

The folded profile with height 71cm, length 59cm and width 33cm. Even although the IVE has a long wheelbase (for stability and comfort) folded it achieves a surprisingly compact size.

In the eternal battle to compromise between ride quality and compact size, Tyrell manages to achieve a great balance with the IVE

3.  High Performance Manufacturing

Binging the IVE to fruition required a completely new design for several of the parts.

3.1 High coupling rigidity handle post

For example, a key part of any folding part is the handle post.  It has to be strong, it has

to be stable, even although it is necessarily long, but it also has to fold easily and fit

conveniently into the compact folded form.   For the IVE, the handle post involved a

completely new securing clip and an advanced design post.  The result is a strong

handle post that gives the rider a positive riding position and is quick to fold when


.2 High Rigidity Pivot

Critical for a folding bicycle, is the ability of the folding sections to do so easily yet provide a rigid structure when in use. 

For the IVE, Tyrell designed a new bottom bracket structure into the IVE frame which also acts as an stable and strong anchor point to allow the rear frame to pivot when the bike is being folded.  This is a critically important feature that determines the fundamental performance and user experience of the IVEe .













3.3 Heat-treated down tube

IVE has adopted diamond shape frame design. For many other folding bicycles, there is a difficulty in maintaining a rigid structure when only a single top tube is used.  However, the IVE’s diamond frame ensures a strong ridgid frame – which translates into how good the ride feels and efficient transmission of power generated by pedaling through to the rear wheel.  

To ensure this frame is further strengthened, Tyrell takes the additional step of heat treating the downtube.

3.4 Rear Frame Truss Structure

In order to achieve a compact folded size, the rear structure has to be able to meet two key objectives.  It has to be strong and rigid in use, yet able to interlock with all of the other folded components (frame, wheel, gearing, crank etc.)

Tyrell solved the problem with an elegant and unique truss structure for the rear frame.  


4.  Comfortable Riding Position

For a small folding bicycle, riding position is critical, yet must be able to be comfortable for riders of all shapes and sizes. 

Tyrell spend a lot of design effort and time developing the ultimate riding position that works for the maximum number of riders. 

In addition, when you sit on the bike, you feel that the riding position is inviting you to start pedaling.  We call it a positive position – which encourages swift efficient pedaling. This adds to the overall comfort when riding the bicycle.


5.  Comfortable Ride

The 18” small high pressure tyre wheels make the IVE highly maneuverable and very compact. 

However, small wheels tend to transmit bumps through the frame.  To address this and to make the ride as smooth and as comfortable as possible, Tyrell introduced a rear elastomer and manufactured the frame out of cromoly steel (as opposed to aluminium)


6.  Practicality

The IVE has a Rear Rack which has been designed to be an integral part of the folded solution as well as a practical enhancement to the bicycle when being ridden.

The carrier has two small caster wheels at the rear which allow you to roll the bike freely when folded.


On the head tube, what appears to be a design logo is actually a practical location for attaching standard front accessories, such as a bag or basket basket.


Tyrell’s philosophy has always been to look to utilise standard components wherever possible. On the IVE you can upgrade to 56T, use a larger cassette and groupset, fit a drop handle for more sporty riding.



7.  Tyrell Conceived

Tyrell designed the IVE under their philosophy for designing all of their bicycles

  • The bicycle must achieve a simple beauty

  • Function cannot compromise the natural beauty of the bicycle

  • Material quality must reflect the quality goals standard.


We believe they succeeded!