Moulton SST

The first step into the world of Moulton is the TSR.  Engineered for comfort and control, the iconic Moulton spaceframe concept is both incredibly strong and amazingly light.


Ride it. Love it. Moulton Comfort. 

In 1962, Sir Alex Moulton unveiled his revolutionary small-wheeled, full suspension bicycle.

Fifty years and millions of rider miles later, Moulton remains true to their original principles of small wheels and full suspension for comfort and speed; for the longest or shortest of rides on the smoothest or roughest roads.


Why you should get the Moulton SST?

Responsive ride Comfortable ride on leisurely pace, stiff and fast at a harder ride

Reduced weight (10.5kg, Previously 11.9kg, comparable weight to their premium bikes)

Premium groupset of Campagnalo Potenza

Exceptional Classical Colors that other Moulton Series do not offer (Airforce Blue, Flight Grey, Britannia Red, Forest Green)


The new features appearing on the Moulton SST features that sets it up from its predecessor, the TSR range:


  • Front stirrup dropouts in stainless steel.

  • Stirrup block reduced in height to reduce weight, improve appearance.

  • Dual-rate front suspension spring.

  • Oversized rear fork pivot bearings - bearing surface increased by 150%.

  • Vertical dropouts for derailleur gear in stainless steel - with patented ‘cruciform’ stiffness plates.

  • Round-tapered chainstays to reduce weight and improve aesthetics.

  • Lighter rear fork upright tube with new dual-adjustment (height and angle) front derailleur mount.

  • Chainstay ‘X-brace’ reinforcement, with adjustable mudguard mount.

  • In-line 31.6mm seat pillar.

The Moulton SST is the latest incarnation of the vision that created the most comfortable bicycles available.

It was built to fill in the void left between the TSR series and the Jubilee Series. Its frame tubing is made mainly of Reynolds 525 Steel and is separable using an Allen key for quick and easy storage or transport.


The major differences are the re-engineered improvements reducing weight and improving key features such as improved front suspension. It rides comfortably at a leisurely speed but when it goes hard riding, it firms up giving the rider more control, stability and safer fast riding.

The SST has been designed for athletic riders where the bike is suited for touring but equally suited for recreational riding as well.

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Dual Rate Front Suspension Spring 


The new dual rate front suspension springs absorbs the bicycle shocks & bumps giving a comfortable ride when cruising or riding at speed.


However, if you do want to know the difference and the improvement of the spring rate, ride it at a higher speed. The dual rate spring would firms up, stiffening up the bicycle so that it doesn’t jerk much. This provides the rider with a safer ride at a higher speed as he now could control the bike better without spending unnecessary effort in balancing the bike.


Oversized Bearings 

The size of the rear fork pivot bearings have been increased by 150%.


This results in a bicycle that is stronger, more rigid and more durable.


This gives a better feel at the rear of the bike, allowing it to absorb stress better on the frame, improving the overall comfort of the ride as well.


Vertical Dropouts in Stainless Steel

The drop outs for the derailleur gear are now vertical and manufactured in in stainless steel - with patented ‘cruciform’ stiffness plates.

This facilitates the changing of wheels mking location easier and faster and reducing the possiblity of scratching the finish.  So easier to fit the wheel and keeps the bicyle looking sharp.  In addition, it improves the overall stiffness of the bicycle leading it to a more enhanced performance. Rides better. Looks good? Definitely.


Round Tapered Chainstays

The new chainstay comes in round and tapered, which ultimately reduces the weight & improve aesthetics.


The tapered chainstay by reducing the weight of the bike even a little, is an important factor when a person is gearing for performance or long distance riding.


Front Stirrup Dropouts in Stainless Steel


The new front stirrup dropouts comes in stainless steel that removes the need to paint the dropout where the wheel fits.


This reduces the risk of the dropout damage when the wheels are removed for storage purposes. Every improvement makes the bike look better, ride faster, with more control and less maintenance. What does this gives the rider?  -  a peace of mind.



Dual-Adjustment (height and angle) Front Derailleur Mount


This allows the use of different chainring sizes and allows owners a wide choice in customising.


For example, this flexibility allows eg the rider to fit a 52-62 teeth chainring whereas previously only 54-58 teeth chainring was possible.


Riders now also have the option to install electric shifting with the new front derailleur mount.



In-line 31.6mm seat post


The new In-line 31.6mm seat post gives the rider greater flexibility over choices of seat post.


Now, Riders can fix their preferred choice of 31.6mm seatpost into their SST.

With the new dual rate front suspension spring, riders can now go for some hard riding with the need to compromise on comfort. Furthermore, the oversized bearings has the ability to absorb more stress at a higher speed, resulting further comfort for the rider.


So when you are going for some hard riding? What do you need? a lighter bike. Definitely. The round tapered chainstays allows the frame to have a reduce weight while improving aesthetics. Rides well, looks good, anyway to look even better? The front stirrups and vertical dropouts are made of stainless steel!


Looks satisfying, weighs lighter, what more does the SST have up its sleeve? The potential in its performance can still be unlocked. Now, you could bring in your own customized carbon seatpost and your own DI2 shifter as the SST now supports it. Whats more? The Campagnalo Potenza groupset ensures that the power from the rider is transmitted into the bicycle fluidly.


And if you want to do some relaxing riding with family or friends instead of performance, you still able to because the dual rate front suspension softens up, giving you an enjoyable recreational riding experience.


The SST now comes with Shimano Alfine 11 speed hub, ideal for those who want to enjoy the smooth riding style of Moulton but prefer a more relaxed and upright riding position.