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Designed to be light, strong and give a superb riding experience, the Kiffy from France is a new concept in adult tricycle that is as practical as it is pure enjoyment.

A great lifestyle companion, ideal for carrying your personal shopping or other goods, it is also adaptable to becoming a real workhorse/cargo bike.

A great option for leaving the car at home while going about your life in a healthy way, Or an ideal light vehicle for a small business or maintenance crew.

Kiffy comes in a choice of frame and front plate colours.

With its low wheels (20”) and light weight it takes the practicality of a folding bicycle and combines it with the ability to carry light loads around safely and with stability – as well as being a joy to ride.

As a legion of food-cart pushers can attest, the tricycle is an ideal contraption for hauling big loads through city streets.

But for commuters who would occasionally go shopping, cargo trikes are simply too unwieldy. They’re too wide for bike lanes, don’t fit on public transport or in the trunk of a car, and require secure, off-street storage space. All that changes wit the Kiffy.

And now we are making the Kiffy available to all Kiffy lovers everywhere.

We will ship the Kiffy to you. At a truly great value price of US$ 1,350 including shipping*.

Find out more about the amazing Kiffy, click here

* Conditions for free shipping

- shipping by sea freight

- within 20 miles of capital city

- excludes duties/tax

- offer applies to first 2 orders received per country

- only to countries where there is no existing Kiffy dealer

Note: price EXCLUDES customs duties or local sales taxes as applicable.

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