8 Reasons To Buy A Tyrell #6

Tyrell bicycles, conceived, designed and built in Japan are testament to fine attention to detail and uncompromising quality of materials and parts.

The result is a range of bicycles that look great, that perform to the highest standard and are strong and long lasting.

REASON # 6 - Colors & Environmentally Friendly, Widest Choice – the Kadowacki Way​

A distinctive feature of Tyrell bikes that stands out is the amazing range of bright and piercing colours. Right from the beginning, Tyrell have entrusted their frames to be painted by one of the foremost powder coating companies in Japan, Kadowaki Coating.

Powder coating delivers durability, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent film strength, prevents chipping, and significantly improves the lifespan of the product. Paint is important finishing step in determining the value of the final product.

The proven quality, unique luster, shine, color variations, and wide choice of colors are important factors and in this regard, Kadowaki delivers on all fronts.

First established in 1961, Kadowaki began to showcase their work with bikes in 1999 at the Tokyo International Cycle Show. Since then, the company has become the front runner in high quality and custom paint work. Tyrell’s close collaboration with Kadowaki is significant as both companies have come to represent the best in their respective fields.

With the exception of the titanium framed models, every Tyrell bike is powder coated. Powder coating is a coating method whereby paint in powder form instead of liquid is deposited by the force of static electricity. The powder coat is cured by baking in the oven. Powder coating is environmentally friendly in that there are no organic solvents used.





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