New Colour FSX Arriving!

We have new FSX colours arriving in mid-august; Italian Red with Matt Black rear frame and Turquoise with Gloss Black rear frame.

Both stunning colours, equipped with Shimano Ultegra.

These beauties are on offer at $4,600

That is a great deal - while our (limited) stocks last.

The FSX is the ideal Tyrrell for Tyrell lovers who are looking for something higher in the performance range than the FX, can upgrade the groupset on their FX – or they can make one major upgrade in the frameset by opting for the TYRELL FSX.

With thinner walled aluminium extrusion to shave more weight off the frame while maintaining the characteristic stiffness of Tyrell bikes – the result is a triangular top tube (which also serves to become the signature of the FSX).

A full carbon handlepost and fork now comes on the FSX (compared to the FX which only the fork is carbon), the FSX is now a light, stiff frame weighing in at 8.6kg.

Beyond the weight savings, the FSX has internal cable routing for a cleaner look without external cables, which further showcases the beautiful frame.

The FSX can come in either flat bar or dropbar setup, now with a choice of groupsets - typical set up is Shimano Ultegra – so you have 1 set of gears for flats and slopes, and another set of gears for hills. What is nice about the FSX is that you get as stock, the higher-grade AM-10 (406-sized) wheelsets from Tyrell which gives lower rolling resistance and smooth turning of the wheels.

This is a full road bike setup.

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