8 Reasons to Buy a Tyrell #1

Tyrell bicycles, conceived, designed and built in Japan are testament to fine attention to detail and uncompromising quality of materials and parts.

The result is a range of bicycles that look great, that perform to the highest standard and are strong and long lasting.

This is the first in a short series of 8 articles, describing the unique characteristics of Tyrell that make them such a special bicycle and riding experience.

REASON #1 - Frame Design

One of the most distinctive features that makes a Tyrell stand out is its unique frame design. The impressive silhouette of a Tyrell is instantly recognisable and a key point of attraction for many. But beyond the aesthetic beauty of the design, there's plenty of functional reasons at play that contribute to a superlative ride quality.

When studying the design of many mini-velo bikes, company owner and designer M. Hirose saw the need to increase the rigidity of the long head tube common to many mini-velo bikes. Supporting the long head tube contributes to the strength of the entire frame. Compared to many bikes, Tyrell's patented X Slant design has little extension of the fork steerer above head tube, ensuring no unwanted flex, an important consideration particularly when riding fast. Tyrell bikes have the ability to track accurately wherever the rider points the bike to, a characteristic that inspires rider confidence whether turning in a corner or not.

The frame design has the added benefit of lowering the centre of gravity of the top tube. The frame’s low step over is allows even petite riders to mount and dismount easily. The wheel base and frame geometry have also been optimised for straight line stability at speed and nimble handling.

For the foldable Tyrell FX and FSX, the frame design offers the additional challenge of incorporating the folding mechanism.

Tyrell has maintained the high rigidity of the slant design in their folding design that achieves both beautiful proportions and high riding performance.

The success of this feat is apparent when many people looking at the FX and FSX for the first time are surprised that the models can actually can be folded as it looks indistinguishable from the non-folding Tyrell models. For the FX and FSX, the folding rear triangle doesn't compromise the frame integrity.

The smart design continues with the design of the folding aluminium and carbon fork that weighs only 900g. A design that meets the requirements of the Tyrell user being able to carry his bike on a bus or a train

So whether you're riding a non foldable model (PK-1, PKZ, CX, CSI, etc.) or the foldable FX and FSX, the inherent design characteristic of the Slant Design frame is a product of extensive testing by Tyrell. The design satisfies the twin objective of delivering the best possible ride characteristics and good looks as well.

For the IVE, Tyrell has maintained their basic principle of utilising a rigid frame. In the case of the IVE, the purpose is different from the rest of the Tyrell stable. Rather than being focused first and foremost on speed and performance, the IVE has been conceived to be compact and a comfortable ride for those wanting a bicycle that is convenient and ideal for commuting or city recreational riding - and that folds small. However, the guiding principle remains. The frame is never compromised, the IVE folds around the frame. Almost all other 16"/18" folding bicycles fold through the frame - none are as rigid as the IVE rigid frame ensures the most stable and responsive ride.

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