Le Tour de Kiffy

On the afternoon of Thursday 20th July 2017, Le Tour de France came to the mighty Izouard Pass.

Rising to 2,361m in the French Alps, it is an afernoon of the greatest challenge for the riders.

​In the morning of that day, it was the turn of Le Kiffy!

​In his pre-race interview, Chris Foome was asked where he thought the Tour would be won or lost. This is what he said.

" It’s harder to pick a key moment where the race will be won or lost but if I had to put my finger on one big stage that’s going to be definitive in this Tour de France then I would say the climb in the Alps up to Izoard; Izouard goes up over 2,000m and that’s going to be the day; that’s going to be the Mont Ventoux stage of this year’s Tour de France."

So before the riders arrived, Kiffy thought it would be a great idea to climb the Izzouard!

In in the afternoon, the cyclists of the Tour de France arrived at the top of the legendary Izoard, headed by Frenchman Warren Barguil. In the morning, it was Kiffy that made the running.

The inventor of the Kiffy, Norbert Peytour, and his friend, decided to take on the challenge of climbing this pass a few hours before the Tour stage.

On board the Kiffy, and driven by huge determination, they arrived at the top in 1 hour 25 minutes in front of an amazed and amazing number of spectators. Many curious people took photos with the Kiffy and called out their encouragement.

"But how far could it go?" Here are the words of Norvert Peytour, inventor of the Kiffy, after having met this challenge: "The KIFFY is as comfortable in town as on the biggest mythical passes of the Tour de France.

12 kilometers of climb with 1000 meters of vertical drop completed in 1hr 25 mn including stopping to take pictures!.

What a joy, being able to climb one of the toughest passes in the Alps on a Kiffy.

A real moment of pleasure, landscapes to take your breath away, people always attracted by KIFFY. And on arrival, at the top, a well deserved sportsman's lunch of fries and beer .

Superb weather, a perfect day.

So when will you have your Kiffy experience?

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