The Kiffy in the footsteps of the Tour de France

On July 19th 2017, the Kiffy will climb the famous Izoard Pass.

This mythical climb of 4.1km. which culminates at 2,360 meters above sea level, is a regular rendezvous of the Tour De France.

This year, the riders of the big loop will finish the 18th stager on this pass, for a battle between favourites on gradients up to 14%! This stage between Briancon and Izoard, 178km long, will take place on Thursday 20th July.

The Kiffy will set out to tame the Izoard steep road the day before. Needless to say that having 3 wheels presents a challenge when the road rises.

The days before the Tour stage are always a must for cycling enthusiasts, we do not doubt we will be well accompanied by the riders and spectators alike.

Do not hesitate to give us courage if we meet you on the road!

(reprinted from blog)

The makers of Kiffy set out to re-invent the adult tricycle. The three wheel cycling format offers unique benefits, in terms of stability and carrying capacity and the ability to offer the benefits of cycling for whom two wheeled balance is difficult. Kiffy had the insight to move the two wheels to the front, creating a platform that allows better weight distribution, the ability to carry heavier weights and with the introduction of their "swing": system, assures a stable ride even over uneven terrain.

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