Jubilee Special

Pictured is one of our last remaining Moulton Jubilees.

Painted in striking New Blue, the finishing touches make this a standout. Crisp, sharp, both describing its looks and in how it rides.

It was back in 1962, Alex Moulton unveiled his revolutionary small-wheeled, full suspension bicycle. Fifty years and millions of rider miles later, remaining true to the original Moulton principles of small wheels and full suspension for comfort and speed, a new model was born.. To mark the Golden Jubilee of these iconic bicycles, a new bicycle was designed - the Moulton Jubilee.

The design brief for the Jubilee was a challenging one. Take the principles of super comfortable design and deliver that along with a bicycle that enthralls those looking to ride fast - yet gives stability and control, as well as being suitable for touring and ling distance riding.

Enter the Moulton Jubilee - 20” (406) wheelsize and full suspension for the longest or shortest of rides, on the smoothest or roughest of roads.

We offer our Jubilees with either Campagnolo Veloce 2 x 10 or 3 x 10..

And on offer at SG$ 7,950.00 (usual price SG$ 8,990.00)

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