Double Pylon - Aspiration & Desire

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The Double Pylon is a bicycle to aspire to.

The top of the Moulton range, this bicycle is beloved by those lucky enough to own one.

This example from our friends at KOOWHO in Japan features orange highlights on the key suspension components.

At the front, the upper and lower flexitors ensure maintenance free suspension and keep the front of the bicycle smooth and under control at all speeds, especially over uneven surfaces giving the rider a real sense of stability.

The rear Hydrolastic® rubber cone spring with integral fluid damping in its stainless-steel casing does the same for the rear.

The result? A bicycle that is described as "lively" meaning it becomes an extension of the rider, rather than the more normal feeling of sitting astride the bicycle.

The Double Pylon is the ultimate expression of the finest of bicycles, a true work of engineering art.

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