7 Reasons to GO IVE! #4 Comfortable Riding Position

With their iconic "Slant" frame design, choice of the best and correct materials for each model and an obsessive attention to detail, Tyrell Mini-Velos have built a reputation for fast, Sports Performance Cycles of Desire.


Tyrell truly own the 406 / 451 sports / road racer category.  Their fixed frame, all-titanium pure bred road racing PK1 and PKZ (both 451) and their 10th Anniversary indulgence, the 406 folding all-titanium XF are the cream of the small wheeled speedsters.


And aluminium framed FX sports performance cycle and FSX road racer 406 folders (both on offer at the moment - check Offers 


Tyrell have taken their years of building fast, performance Mini-Velos and their inspiration for small wheeled cycling and created the IVE.


The IVE is a great bicycle to ride.  But what makes it such a successful and great challenger in the 16” / 18” category?   The following is the fourth of 7 Reasons to Go IVE!

4.  Comfortable Riding Position

For a small folding bicycle, riding position is critical, yet must be able to be comfortable for riders of all shapes and sizes. 

Tyrell spend a lot of design effort and time developing the ultimate riding position that works for the maximum number of riders. 


In addition, when you sit on the bike, you feel that the riding position is inviting you to start pedaling.  We call it a positive position – which encourages swift efficient pedaling. This adds to the overall comfort when riding the bicycle.







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September 13, 2017

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