7 Reasons to GO IVE! #3 High Performance Manufacturing

With their iconic "Slant" frame design, choice of the best and correct materials for each model and an obsessive attention to detail, Tyrell Mini-Velos have built a reputation for fast, Sports Performance Cycles of Desire.

Tyrell truly own the 406 / 451 sports / road racer category. Their fixed frame, all-titanium pure bred road racing PK1 and PKZ (both 451) and their 10th Anniversary indulgence, the 406 folding all-titanium XF are the cream of the small wheeled speedsters.

And aluminium framed FX sports performance cycle and FSX road racer 406 folders (both on offer at the moment - check Offers

Tyrell have taken their years of building fast, performance Mini-Velos and their inspiration for small wheeled cycling and created the IVE.

The IVE is a great bicycle to ride. But what makes it such a successful and great challenger in the 16” / 18” category? The following is the third of 7 Reasons to Go IVE!

3. High Performance Manufacturing

Binging the IVE to fruition required a completely new design for several of the parts.

- High coupling rigidity handle post

For example, a key part of any folding part is the handle post. It has to be strong, it has to be stable, even although it is necessarily long, but it also has to fold easily and fit conveniently into the compact folded form. For the IVE, the handle post involved a completely new securing clip and an advanced design post. The result is a strong

handle post that gives the rider a positive riding position and is quick to fold when


​- High Rigidity Pivot

Critical for a folding bicycle, is the ability of the folding sections to do so easily yet provide a rigid structure when in use.

For the IVE, Tyrell designed a new bottom bracket structure into the IVE frame which also acts as an stable and strong anchor point to allow the rear frame to pivot when the bike is being folded. This is a critically important feature that determines the fundamental performance and user experience of the IVEe .

- Heat Treated Down Tube

IVE has adopted diamond shape frame design. For many other folding bicycles, there is a difficulty in maintaining a rigid structure when only a single top tube is used. However, the IVE’s diamond frame ensures a strong ridgid frame – which translates into how good the ride feels and efficient transmission of power generated by pedaling through to the rear wheel.

To ensure this frame is further strengthened, Tyrell takes the additional step of heat treating the downtube.

3.4 Rear Frame Truss Structure

In order to achieve a compact folded size, the rear structure has to be able to meet two key objectives. It has to be strong and rigid in use, yet able to interlock with all of the other folded components (frame, wheel, gearing, crank etc.)

Tyrell solved the problem with an elegant and unique truss structure for the rear frame.

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