Moulton TSR 10: A Gateway Bike?

When something is described as a "Gateway" it generally means "Beware, if you try this you will be hooked.". Well that's what we think about the Moulton TSR 10.

We recommend you test ride this bicycle at any BRU or My Bike Shop, but take care. Once you appreciate the smooth ride and stable feel, you have made your first step into the world of Moulton - unique bicycles that offer an exemplary ride feel.

What Is a TSR 10?

Well first, lets talk about the TSR Series. This is your entry point into the world of Moulton bicycles. But it is much, much more than that.

The TSR is really a platform that allows dedicated riders the opportunity to create a custom bicycle. All TSR's share the core engineering principles of any Moulton - a spaceframe construction that is lightweight, rigid and incredibly strong; rear hydrolastic and front suspension that delivers a double benefit of a comfortable ride as well as excellent control over rough surfaces or when riding at speed.

Moulton have produced many fine variants. The TSR 2 uses an innovative automatic 2 speed system with back-pedal braking. The TSR 8 includes an Alfine hub. The TSR 30 is a triple ring ( 3 x 10) specially designed for Touring. The newly announced TSR 22 is for athletic riding with - you guessed it - a 22 speed groupset set up.

The TSR 10

The workhorse configuration of the TSR range has, for many years, been the redoubtable TSR 9, featuring SRAM DD groupset. We have taken the concept and upgraded the groupset to the popular Shimano Tiagra offering 10 speeds.

We have also uprated the wheelset to Wheelsport Sunny 406. These are great wheels, very strong and the look great.

The result - the TSR 10 is a high performing bicycle with uprated components and a new, sharp, cool contemporary look.

And of course the TSR 10 is separable. Deft use of an Allen key and your Moulton is in the back of your car or conveniently stored in a closet.


Of course we have brought in the classic Moulton colours: Black, White, Ivory, Midnight Blue, Regency Green, Red.

But we also thought that since the look of the bicycle has had a real makeover, we should also offer some new, cool, contemporary colours as well.

So your TSR choices also include Ole English White, Willow Green, Ash Green, Dusk Blue, Pastel Blue, Turquoise, Buckingham Black and Royal Red

If you ever wonder what to do at the weekend, why not get down to any BRU or My Bike Shop outlet and enjoy a test ride.

Make the Moulton TSR 10 your next cool, complete ride.

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