8 Reasons To Love A Chedech: 8 Weight

The key goal, the inspiration for the Chedech was to develop a folding bicycle that was so light that using it for commuting was as easy as possible.

The earlier sections in this series of 8 Reasons to Love a Chedech all demonstrate the innovations and great thinking that has gone in to assuring a fantastic ride .

But it all started with the fundamental goal of delivering a bicycle that was light weight, yet strong.

8. Weight

All bike designers are stressed-out about weight, especially with folding bike designs. A lighter bike is often the reason someone buys.

For a folding bike, weight is a topic of much discussion and research because most cyclists want to carry their bike inside public transport, into buildings, and even store under their desks in a cupboard at home or in the back of their car.

A stable carbon folding bike has been a challenge for the bicycle industry for many years, so the task has been impossible to solve……until now.

With Chedech, you now have the first hand-carryable, light, folding bike, that is strong, stble fast and fun. A true joy to ride.


As with all products out of Korea, you know that it has been designed and manufactured with innovation and fine attention to detail and quality. Chedech is no exception.

But the proof is in the experience. All BRU and My Bike Shop outlets have demo bikes just waiting for you to test them out.

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