8 Reasons To Love A Chedech: 6 & 7 Speed & Fast Folding/Compact

In this latest of our ongoing discussion on why riding the Chedech is such a joy, we look at two more elements.

6. Speed

The main concern for many riders is speed. But this factor is often not a main consideration in the design of many folding bikes. Most manufacturers focus first on easy and compact foldability.

Impact absorption is often sacrificed in favor of small wheels.

So, designing a folding bicycle with small wheels that is fast, minimizes vibration and is stable at speed was a major consideration in the design for Chedech.

With Chedech’s anti-twist main frame design, you can run fast, with comfort and stability. In fact, when you get onto the Chedech, you feel the bicycle wants to be ridden fast.

Most testers started their review with one sentence, that they could feel the riding emotion that they usually have with a carbon road bike.

7. Fast folding, compact size

One of the main features of Chedech is its small-sized folding function, which is perfectly suited for commuting.

You can ride many hours without worrying about your endurance (you can take a taxi or bus back if you are tired).

And, when you arrive at work you don’t need to let your bike stand alone outside in bad weather, unwatched.

You can keep it under your desk and then quickly unfold it for the ride home. Chedech’s folding mechanism was built with time management in mind. We carefully designed our quick release system and even invented new hinge system for the main folding part. When folded, Chedech is secure and easy to carry.


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