8 Reasons To Love A Chedech: 4 & 5 New Folding Mechanism & Optimum Geometry

Continuing our short series of articles on the reasons that allow Chedech to engender such passionate feelings among riders.

Conceived and born in Korea, it should come as no surprise that Chedech features a host of innovations designed to take the folding bicycle to an entirely new level.

Chedech comes out of Korea, so it should be no surprise that the achievement of excellence has driven the whole development.


4. New Folding Mechanism.

In order to make a more competitive and practical folding bike, very careful attention was paid to the folding mechanism.

Chedech studied the way other bikes folded in order to see how a more stable and faster movement could be achieved when folding.

As a result, the hinge between the main frame and rear frame is a new invention that allows speedy folding and unfolding. Special hinges were developed for this new quick release system.

5. Optimum geometry for a one size frame bike

Most folding mini-velos are limited in frame size due to the folding mechanism, and they offer only one size, regardless of the bike-rider’s height. So the challenge is to design a one frame size bike that is capable of accommodating different sized cyclists. An inherent challenge of the small wheel bicycle is that it has a short distance between two wheels due to the small folding size.

If the bike’s geometry allows a large difference on the bike-rider’s saddle location for the height of the rider then the bicycle can be insecure for uphill riding. This is because the front of the bike will not receive enough weight distribution from rider’s upper body weight.

This becomes particularly important when the bicycle is super light (like the Chedech). So a key design consideration is weight balance, regardless of cyclists’ body size, and top design a one size Chedech that is very stable for most bike-riders, regardless of uphill or downhill cycling.

This well-balanced geometry is a vital feature of the Chedech and allows a wider range of rider sizes and types to enjoy the bicycle with stability and confidence.


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