8 Reasons To Love A Chedech: 3 Innovative Technology

In order to execute against the vision of a strong, lightweight, high performing folding bicycle, a number of challenges had to be overcome.

Perhaps the biggest challenge Chedech faced required them to innovate and invent new ways of manufacturing a carbon bicycle.

While the use of carbon ensures lightness, using it in a folding format had never been particularly successful.

The nature of a folding bicycle, by having the frame incroporating a folding mechanism, tends to compromise rigidity, stiffness and strength.

By research, trial and error, Chedech evenutally achieved the goal of a carbon frame that met their standards, but only after coming up with 3 New Technical Innovations.

  1. Hexa-Form Main Frame

When you look at the Chedech, one of the most striking features is the cross sectional shape of the frame. This is called Hexa-Form and arrived as a result of extensive research and development.

The main frame has a hexa-form, which allows the frame resist twisting. This was critical, because in order to achieve a compact folded size (one of the other key objectives) Chedech had to adopt an inline frame and folding system.

Typically, for lower priced foldies using this inline folding concept, the ride can feel unstable at times as the bicycle can be affected by “twisting” of the frame between the handle and the saddle due to strong riding inputs through the pedals.

Chedech's innovative hexa-form is a major breakthrough to control twisting and a major contributor to the excellent ride quality.

2. Chemically Reinforced Carbon Fiber

The Chedech research study group tested many different carbon fibers in order to diminish the twisting movement on the frame.

They did everything possible to come up with a more stable frame, such as testing different fibers, adding extra chemicals, or adopting various ways of adding carbon sheet per each part. As a result, the final product has a much stronger frame than is normally the case.

3. Hidden Wall Inside the Frame

To further reinforce and strengthen the frame to resist the twisting impact, Chedech then came up with a further new design concept.

A metal 'wall' is inserted into the frame that gives more support and resistance against pulling in one direction.

While this adds a little weight, the great benefit is that it helps complete a dream bike that featured an inline carbon frame bike that does not shake while riding.

This internal wall is an integral part of the main frame, handle post and seat post. The result, the Chedech has great strength at these junction points and is more stable than any of its rivals.


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