8 Reasons To Love A Chedech: Intro

Cycling is one of our most popular pastimes. Whether you ride for fun and pleasure, to get outdoors, for fitness or for serious riding, there is a bicycle available to suit your needs.

Once you start to get the cycling bug, you enjoy the pleasure of the wind blowing through your hair, the breeze on your cheek. The feeling might tempt you to buy a more expensive bike, and you don’t regret the cost. It’s worth it because you will enjoy riding that much more! Before long, you become obsessed with the bike and want to ride it everywhere, even to work.

But commuting has it drawbacks — you arrive to work sweaty and have difficulty finding a secure place to keep your bike.

So you look out the window every chance you get to make sure the bike is safe. Instead of focusing on your work, you worry about your bike. So you invest in a folding bicycle. It seemed like a good idea, but all too often you soon discover shortcomings.

Many are heavy to carry; maybe they are not suitable for long rides; and often vibrate more than normal sized bikes.

This was the motivation for the inventor and designer of the Chedech.

A Korean entrepreneur obsessed with detail and finding perfection, he decided to re-invent what we have known and loved for so long – the folding bicycle.

He set out to make a super light folding bicycle, that is fast, easy to fold/unfold, and most of all comfortable to ride – especially when riding long distances.

And so began his quest to create the Chedech. He set a number of objectives:

  1. Light enough to carry by hand.

  2. Folds small in one quick moment, with ease.

  3. Runs fast and pleasant to ride.

  4. Absorbs riding impact for comfort.

Having researched the latest trends in cycling he decided that Carbon could offer the foundation for his vision.

Every experienced cyclist knows that a carbon frame is lightweight and allows for fast and comfortable ride.

Typically Folding Bicycles small-sized wheels often deliver greater stress on the rider’s wrists and body. But we know that carbon can limit the shaking and vibrating movement from riding - so the next question was “Why are there so few small wheeled folding bicycles made out of carbon fibre?”

And so a journey of exploration and innovation began........

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