Tyrell FX: Stunner

The Tyrell FX in Onyx Metallic Black is a great looking  bicycle.


But we just love what  BRU2 have done to this one.  


Just by replacing the standard front fork with these red ones, it elevates a great looking FX into a real stunner.






 The Onyx Metallic Black finish, with its light metallic flecks, really comes alive in the sunshine.  


Checkout the album in the Gallery to enjoy more shots of this special bicycle - the last of these Onyx Metallic Black FX's in Singapore,


If you are interested in snapping up this beauty, give BRU2 a call

 Front fork detailing.  The Red Fork contrasts beautifully with the metallic black finish

 A great selection of FX, FSX and IVE at BRU2



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September 13, 2017

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