Moulton's AM Series Explained

Moulton have a great catalogue of bicycles, and one of their families of bicycles is the Moulton AM Series - Moultons very special 17" wheel bicycles.

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AM 20-2

Ideal for everyday cycling, the AM20-2 is set up to be maneuverable, smooth and comfortable. It is at home cruising around the park connectors or taking you touring to parts unknown.

The AM20-2 has a separable frame to make transport and storage convenient.


The AMGTMk3 takes the comfort and cruising convenience of the AM20-2 but instead of a painted steel finish, the whole bicycle is constructed out of aerospace quality Stainless Steel.

A truly stunning ride. Separable frame. Classic elegance.

AM Speed

For serious riders, the AM Speed is a fixed frame bicycle - as its name suggests, is designed for the serious rider who want to move - fast!

Lightweight with a strong rigid frame, the AM Speed is the inheritor of Moulton's racing and record holding heritage.

AM Speed-S

The AM Speed-S is sold as a framekit only and takes the principles of the fixed frame AM Speed but uses aerospace Stainless Steel for the frame with painted seat pillar and fork highlights.

The result is a truly spectacular machine that only needs your imagination and passion to turn it into a truly unique personal ride.


The success of the part painted steel combined with stainless steel frame has been so successful, that popular demand has resulted in the arrival of the AM GT-A. Taking the comfort principles of the AM GT Mk3, this is a separable bicycle, ready to be customised

With the exception of the AM Speed-S which is only available as a Framekit, all of the other AM Series bicycles are available as Full Bike or Framekit

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