Tyrell Gathering

A magnificent gathering of a group of Tyrells on Today's Car Free Sunday here in Singapore.

This Sunday was a special event with the Tyrell SG riders group celebrating their 2nd Anniversary.

Getting members out in force, these pictures show an eclectic collection of Tyrells - showing off the colours and different ways that Tyrell owners customise these great bicycles to their personal preferences.

Tyrell is one of the leading manufacturers of Mini-Velos. A Mini-Velo distinquishes itself from a folding bicycle in that , while its small wheels and folding capability might lead you to think they are the same, the differences are important.

A folding bicycle is designed, first and foremost, to fold. Typically, the objective is to make the folding and unfolding as fast and as convenient as possible. Secondly, to ensure as compact a folded profile as possible.

The Compromises: Folding bicycles typically fold in the frame, ie the main frame member has a folding mechanism in it. No matter how well designed, this is a compromise to the integrity of the frame, and therefore the integrity of the frame to minimise vibration and faithfully transmit the energy input via pedaling through to the rear wheel to drive the bicycle.

The small wheel format adds to the convenience of storage or using on conjunction with public transport.

A MINI-VELO on the other hand, is designed to be fast, highly maneuverable and high performance.

A great example of ultra fast Mini-Velos would be the Tyrell PK1/PKZ or XF - all made out of Titanium to be super light, and therefore super fast.

The XF, along with the Tyrell FX and the Tyrell FSX and now the Tyrell IVE also fold.

The big difference is that these bicycles fold around the frame, the integrity and strength and rigidity of the frame are retained at all costs.

This maintains maximum pedaling efficiency and maximum fun.

The Tyrell "Slant" frame is the signature of these range of bicycles - minimising weight while making the bicycles very strong.

The Compromises: because the frame remains intact at all times, the folded profile tends to be a little longer than traditional folding bicycles.

Some would say this is a small disadvantage compared to the incremental fun derived!

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