Kiffy: transport companion for The Artisan Business

We are seeing the emergence of the Artisan Business.

Serving local communities, they need to get to customers quickly and efficiently.

And that is where the Kiffy offers an exciting new opportunity to be nimble, efficient, green. A new concept in Adult Cargo Trikes, that is flexible and adaptable to individual business needs

The Front Plate on the standard Kiffy carries loads of up to 25kgs.

But add on the Heavy Duty plate, and the Kiffy transforms into a real workhorse - able to carry loads up to 80kg.

And when you get to site, the front can be separated and the load wheeled into spaces where the full bike cannot get.

We want to help the emerging Artisan business. If in your business you need to carry tools, equipment, small loads, contact any of our dealers to get our special offer when you buy a Kiffy. Just click here for the terms & conditions

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