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Chedech. Conceived , designed and born in Korea.

Completely Carbon. Super Light. Great Ride.

With a mission to revolutionise the riding experience of a folding bicycle, Chedech has succeeded to the max.

Using Carbon Fibre to deliver lightness, strength and comfort, Chedech had to invent completely new ways to weave the fiber. The result has to be experienced to be understood. Fast pick up, easy maneuverability, stable control.

Kiffy. Conceived, designed and built in France.

With a view to the future, Kiffy provides practical personal transport.

You can leave the car in the garage for those short trips when you need to collect goods or packages.

Or for small businesses, a great way to service customers in a green way.

Kiffy is a practical and fashionable statement about how we want to live our lives to protect the environment.

Tyrell. A great range of bicycles.

With attention to detail, these mini-velos are designed to fold around the frame., not folding in the frame.

This means that by not compromising the frame, the structure remains as rigid as possible, resulting in minimal loss of pedal effort through frame vibration and maximum performance. All Tyrells are designed for supporting your healthy lifestyle:

  • IVE is your personal transport, recreational riding or getting to and from the office. Perfect urban/recreational ride - and the most compact on 18" wheels.

  • FX is the best sports mini-velo around. Light, maneuverable it is pure enjoyment.

  • FSX is a thoroughbred racing machine. Fast, light, strong.

  • And then the real exotics. The Titaniium racers. XF, PK1, PKZ

Moulton. Elegance, style, fashion, comfort, Performance.

All personified and encapsulated in the unique concepts and designs of these iconic small wheeled bicycles.

True works of engineering art.

A joy to Own. A Joy to ride.

Find them at any of our dealers....... and if you do not live in Singapore, contact us by email

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