Chedech in Cadiz

Some lovely shots just received of the Chedech enjoying the Spanish sunshine in Cadiz.

Chedech is a lightweight, all carbon 18" wheelsize folding bicycle.

Its unique all-carbon construction, cleverly reinforced, has been designed to be comfortable and very responsive as well as light and strong.

As soon as you sit on this bicycle, you know it is going to be great. The 5-speed hub gear gives the Chedech real acceleration and purpose. Just press on the pedal and the Chedech leaps forward, keen, it seems, to get going, taking you on your journey.

It is a bicycle that sounds great when described, but it is only when you ride it you can appreciate its true genius.

In Singapore, just drop in to BRU@Yishun, BRU2@Frankel, MyBikeShop@Henderson, MyBikeShopToo@Mid View City or MyBikeShoptres@Faber to try for yourself.

We also ship to other countries (where there is not already a Chedech dealer), just check out our Shop.

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