7 Reasons To Buy A Tyrell: #4 Frame Geometry - a common design code

At first sight, all Tyrell frames have a common design identity.

The iconic frame concept was the result of extensive sketches and repeated engineering trial and error to achieve a frame of high rigidity resulting in the "Slant Design" that we know today.

Consisting of two thin tubes that sandwich the top tube, the result is a frame design that is canted backwards with a series of interlocking triangles. This patented design is subject to repeated load and vibration resistance tests to ensure that every Tyrell frame is not merely beautiful to behold but meets safety standards too.

While the 20” small wheels exhibit ultra-quick acceleration, the challenge is ensuring stability at high speed. In order to achieve the necessary stability, Tyrell have designed the frame measurements to effectively extend the wheel base, yet meeting the requirements of high portability and a compact frame design.

Every Tyrell bike owner can take comfort that their bike has been the result of a thorough and extensive design process using computer aided design and working prototypes to bring together both aesthetic beauty and technical excellence.

With special emphasis and attention to safety, all Tyrell frames meet load and vibration resistance tests to ensure a stringent quality control of their products.

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