7 Reasons #4: Why Moulton Is The Most Comfortable Bicycle In The World - Touring Proven

The fourth in our short series of articles highlighting why Moultons are just so comfortable to ride.

And strong as well.

How else could Moultoneers enjoy major adventures in the saddle. Read on..

Reason#4: Touring Proven

From the beginning the Moulton Bicycle has been widely acclaimed as the best touring bicycle in the world. Its design has ample capacity for carrying and the low centre of gravity and suspension make it stable at high speed even when fully loaded.

The immensely strong compact wheels are far longer lasting than conventional wheels, and their small size means that spare tyres and tubes take up less room.

Frame separation is an extremely useful feature, making the Moulton easy to put on buses and trains, or secure in a hotel room.

Above all, however, it is the comfort, efficiency and secure handling of the Moulton which make it a pleasure to ride, particularly on long journeys.

Moulton can claim to be one of few brands that have been used to cycle around the world.

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