7 Reasons #3: Why Moultons Are The Most Comfortable Bicycles In The World - Full Suspension Comfort

In the third article in this mini-series, we look at the Moulton approach to engineering comfort into your ride – with no compromise on performance.

In fact, the Moulton suspension systems give great control and stability at speed

Reason #3 – Full Suspension Comfort

One of the distinctive features that surprise the casual observer is the fact that every Moulton frame has a full suspension system.

Front Suspension – Engineered for Comfort

In order to accommodate the hard ride of the ultra-rigid frame, strong wheels and high pressure tyres, full suspension has been a mandatory feature of all Moulton bicycles. This coupling of advanced suspension and small wheels provides superior comfort and road holding.

Moulton bicycle suspension has been continually developed for over 40 years, constantly refined to maximise rider comfort and efficiency.

The key feature of shock isolation allows the Moulton rider able to ride for long distances under different road conditions knowing that the front and rear suspension will work to ease out the bumps and ruts on the road.

Leading Link Front Fork

Even the most basic Moulton uses a dry cone rubber suspension and a leading link front fork that requires no maintenance.

The Hydrolastic® suspension on the New Series Moultons features a rubber spring with adjustable fluid damping.

The Flexitor® front suspension system utilizes rubber in torsion, eliminating lubrication, wear, and ‘stiction.’

This provides unparalleled shock isolation and a uniquely silky ride.

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