7 Reasons #2: Why Moulton Are The Most Comfortable Bikes In The World - Separable and Adaptable

The second part of our short series of articles that explain exactly why the Moulton bicycle is so highly regarded as the most comfortable riding bicycles on the market.

Reason #2 – Separable and Adaptable

All Moulton bicycles are inherently more compact when compared to conventional bikes and most feature separable frames for storage or transport.

This separability introduces no compromises other than a little extra weight; there is no loss of stiffness or ride quality.

When disassembled, the two halves of a Moulton fit easily in the boot of a car or travel case and takes no more than 3 minutes.

The New Series Moulton bikes separate further into five parts for even more compact stowage and airline transport.

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