7 Reasons #1: Why Moultons Are The Most Comfortable In The World - Space Frame, A Design Like No Oth

Moulton bicycles have a unique construction. Delicate looking, lightweight, even frail in appearance, their elegance belies inherent strength and rigidity - and comfort. But it is not just the frame that makes these iconic bicycles comfortable, the whole engineering concept results in bicycles that make riding a completely joyous experience.

In this series of articles, we explore 7 Reasons that make Moulton the Most Comfortable Bicycles in the World

Reason #1 – Space Frame: A Design Like No Other

Bicycle frame stiffness is a key element of performance. Lateral rigidity is vital, as any of the rider's energy spent flexing a frame is lost.

A stiff frame also ensures accurate wheel tracking for secure road holding and cornering stability.

The unique Moulton Space Frame, a highly engineered lattice of small diameter tubes, is far stiffer than a conventional diamond frame found on normal bike designs.

First conceived in 1977, the novel design of the Space Frame has withstood the test of time.

This frame architecture fits riders of all sizes and the low step-through allows the bike to be mounted with ease by both sexes. The low weight and high stiffness of the Moulton frame produces a ride that is lively and amazingly efficient.

The uniqueness of the Space Frame requires painstaking attention to detail when welding which makes the Space Frame a very difficult frame to copy as well. Available in separable and non-separable and standard chromoly or aerospace stainless steel tubing, many consider the Space Frame a work of art.

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