2from3 Promo Moulton TSR 10
2from3 Promo Chedech
2from3 Promo Kiffy
2from3 Promo
closed 26 Sept 2016

Great opportunity to acquire a Moulton TSR10, a Chedech or a Kiffy each with a RRP of SGD 2,990.00 for SGD 2,650.00

We call it a 2from3 promo because all you need ot get this price is a partner to buy with you - your spouse, or a friend.   Buy any two bikes to save over 10% off each.

You can by a mix of two different bicycles, or two of the same model.

And if you don't have a partner to buy with, get along to any BRU or My Bike Shop and they will do what they can to match you up with another buyer.

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FX spl3 Special Edition

FX Special Edition Drop Bar with Shimano 105       usual price SG$ 3,900  promo SG$ 3,400.00

FX Special Edition Flat Bar with Shimano 105          usual price SG$ 3,700  promo SG$ 3,200.00

FX spl3 Drop Bar bundle with IVE                             usual price SG$ 5,800  promo SG$ 5,200.00


FX spl3 Flat Bar bundle with IVE                                usual price SG$ 5,600  promo SG$ 5,000.00

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IVE with FREE Rear Carrier

To celebrate Singapore's second Jubilee start, the Tyrell IVE now comes complete with a free Rear Carrier - usual price SG$130.00

usual price IVE plus Carrier SG$ 2,030  Now SG$ 1,900.00

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FSX Celebrate

Tyrell FSX with Shimano 105       usual price SG$ 4,188  promo SG$ 3,650.00

Tyrell FSX with Shimano Ultegra   usual price  SG$ 4,600  promo SG$ 4,050.00

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FX End of Season Specials

End of Season special pricing on Tyrell FX in Orange/ItalianRed/Lime Green at any BRU or My Bike Shop

usual price SG$ 2,850  End of Season Price SG$ 2,650.00

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New Colours Tyrell Pre-Order Promo

Closed 13 Aug