Moulton Speed

As its name suggests, the Moulton Speed is conceived and built as a fast bicycle for very athletic riding. A fixed frame format to optimise performance.  


Ride it. Love it. Moulton Performance. 

As the Bentley or Rolls Royce of cycling, the Moulton Speed is our favourite due to its amazing looks and ride.

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This amazing bike in full stainless steel just encourages you to go faster. Like any other Moulton, the Speed is undoubtedly one of the most iconic looking and best riding bikes on the road today.


Simply beautiful to look at coupled with race ready performance. 


Simple, functional, minimal, beautiful and practical, the Moulton Speed embodies perfection in a racing oriented spaceframe.  An aggressive riding position, adjustable leading link front/Hydrolastic rear Moulton suspension and a sub-9kg weight make the all-stainless steel Moulton Speed the perfect choice for performance-oriented Sportive riders.

The new Moulton Speed was the first production Moulton bicycle to weigh in at under 20lb (9.1kg) – amazing to think that it is a full suspension fast road bike delivering a more comfortable ride than a

conventional bike. The suspension also maintains and improves traction on rough surfaces.

The Speed's mainframe (centre section) weight is only 900g (for comparison, the AM Speed, is 1400g).


The distinctive spaceframe design – stronger and stiffer than conventional diamond frames – is constructed entirely from aerospace grade stainless steel, including the latest Columbus XCR and Reynolds 953 materials.


The time-honoured combination of the low aerodynamic drag, the rapid acceleration afforded by the small wheels, the low rolling resistance and the superlative comfort of the well-proven Moulton suspension, make the Moulton Speed a perfect choice for the performance-oriented rider or those with looking for a very lightweight Moulton.


The Moulton Speed is built, meticulously, by dedicated craftsmen at Moulton’s Bradford on Avon factory. Every joint is silver-brazed, and the entire frameset is laboriously polished to a mirror finish. With no paint to scratch, peel or crack, the Moulton Speed can be returned to ‘as-new’ condition with the application of metal polish.


In standard ‘complete bicycle’ specification the Moulton Speed is equipped with Campagnolo Super Record components, Moulton ‘M’ lightweight hubs and 10-28t cassette, ‘M’ in-line seat pillar and ‘M’ handlebar stem in Reynolds 953.

True Cycling Pleasure.  The Moulton Speed.