Kiffy - the Workhorse

Light, strong and compact, the Kiffy is the perfect choice for local artisans who need to take their equipment to site but don't want to use a car or van.


Use it. Work it. Kiffy Practical & Hard Working. 

Kiffy is a new Adult trike designed to make the moving of small loads easy and convenient.

Kiffy comes as standard, with a front plate that carries loads up to 25Kg or, as pictured above, with a heavy front plate that will take up to 80kgs.  Probably as much as you want to cycle around with.

There are  3 features that separate the Kiffy from traditional cargo bicycles.

1. Kiffy is a tricycle - offering stability and security, especially when stopped

2. Kiffy has a unique front "swing" suspension system.  This makes cornering quicker, more stable  and also takes the bumps out of uneven road surfaces - bump over a kerb and the suspension responds, not the contents of your load!

3. Narrow profile - makes it easier to maneuver in tight spaces - much narrower than traditional old style cargo bicycles.

4. Separable.  this is a great feature.  Lets you get to your destination, but if you need to carry equipment indoors for example, rather than having to carry it all, simply disengage the front two wheels and the platform and use as a trolley.

5. Portable.  Or use in conjunction with a van.  Carry the Kiffy folded in back and use it to increase efficiency at your place of work

6. In-House.  For factories or large campus sites like hospitals, if goods need to be moved quickly and safely, Kiffy is ideal.

The Kiffy as a workhorse is a compact, stable, easy to maneuver cargo trike.  It can be used to carry light loads or by attaching the heavy duty plate, the Kiffy transforms into a personal transport vehicle. 

The standard front plate carries loads up to 25KG

Adding the Heavy Duty Plate transforms the Kiffy into a load carrying Cargo Trike, carrying up to 80kg