Jubilee Veloce

Designed as a celebration of their first 50 years making bicycles of excellence and desire, the Jubilee is Moulton's most popular bicycle. Performance and comfort combined.


Ride it. Love it. Moulton Comfort. 

When we think of Jubilee, we always think of something that reaches a milestone of 50 years.


Handmade in the United Kingdom, the Jubilee was designed to commemorate Moulton on their 50th anniversary - marking 50 years of Alex Moulton's revolutionary bicycles and the heritage that goes along with it.

The Jubilee Veloce has been designed for fast touring and recreational riding.  


With its own, iconic Moulton spaceframe, the Jubilee Veloce comes with a choice of 20 (2x10) speed or 30 speed (3 x 10) Campagnolo Veloce Groupset, 20inch wheel and is constructed in Columbus Spirit and Kaisei NiCrMo steel.


It weighs approximately 10kg/22lbs and is available in a wide range of colours, main picture is Silver Grey.

The Jubilee is also available as the Jubilee Sportive.  As the name suggests, the Sportive is designed for more athletic riding and is ideal for cycling events.  The Sportive is configured with Campagnolo Athena 22 speed.

Moulton Monosphere bonded rubber cone rear suspension

When riding on long distances especially on touring, the bumps and rocky roads can lead to discomfort through the shocks and vibrations transmitted through the bike to the rider. Something you want to avoid if riding long hours. You need a bicycle that prevents your body from aching after running over uneven roads. That is where the Jubilee comes into its own, the Jubilee Veloce monosphere bonded rubber cone rear suspension takes care of rough terrain and absorbs shocks and vibrations making it ideal for pleasant recreational riding or when heading out on a long tour.


Knob for Seperating

When overseas for touring especially with plenty of luggage, one would prefer a quick-to-pack bike that could be stored away in a luggage/bike bag with as little effort and simplicity as possible.

The Jubilee Veloce comes with a knob for separating the bike into two for quick storage. The knob has shifted the Jubilee away from the usual need to bring along an Allan key. Now, the rider simply turns the knob effortlessly making it that much simpler and easier to store or pack the bike.


RC2 Hub from MICH Technology

What components makes a bike goes fast and efficiently? The wheelset which includes having a great wheelhub.


The RC2 hub allows wheel spins smoothly and without much rolling resistance.


This allows the bike to move more efficiently especially when going long distances, it allows the rider to save more energy with its lesser rolling resistance.


Leading- Link Front Suspension

More refined longer spring rate leads to more comfort for rider, making the Moulton Jubilee ideal to ride at cruising speed over hard riding. The longer spring has more distance to contract which reduces impact onto the frame when travelling over rough terrain - less shocks and vibrations.

The Leading Link suspension reduce shocks & bumps over obstacles by folding their shock absorber-suspended front link up and back with the force of the bump.

For long distances like touring, it is very important to the rider that shocks and vibrations are absorbed more efficiently as constant bumps and vibrations over an extended period of time can leads to discomfort, aches & pain for the rider.

Round Tapered Chainstays

The new chainstay comes in round and tapered, which ultimately reduces the weight & improve aesthetics. This constructions enables the overall frame weight to be lighter.

Campagnolo Veloce Groupset with Deda Dropbars

How to choose your Jubilee gear ratio, 2X10, or 3X10?

The Jubilee features the Deda Speciale classic drop with Deda perforated tape for an even better riding experience.





Front Dropouts in Stainless Steel

The new front stirrup dropouts comes in stainless steel that removes the need to paint the dropout where the wheel fits.


This actually reduced the risk of the dropout paint getting damaged and no doubt, the bike looks magnificent.



Oversized Bearings


The bbearing surfacehas been incresed by 150%.

This oversized bearings improves the overall stiffness of the bicycle leading it to a more enhanced performance.

















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