The AM Series

The AM Series is unique in the world if cycling in that it is defined by its use of 17" wheels with narrow, high pressure tyres - the result - low rolling resistance, fast acceleration and fast riding 


Ride it. Love it. Moulton Comfort and Performance. 

Known in the biking world for hand-brazed spaceframe construction and ultra smooth ride, the first Moulton bicycle was created by Alex Moulton in the 60s. An engineer and inventor by trade, Moulton took it upon himself to improve on the diamond-framed, large-wheeled bicycle design which was ubiquitous during that time.

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You know a Moulton when you see one: a bicycle with significantly smaller set of wheels and a different frame, which started with the famous F-Frame, finally evolving into the Spaceframe the brand is known for.

Not satisfied with just these adjustments, he also added full suspension to the bicycle, something of an anomaly during the 60s. In fact, the Hydrolastic suspension concept – found in the original Mini car (Moulton designed the suspension for the Mini) – was fitted onto his range of bicycles.

The early F-Frame Moultons used the standard 16” wheel format.  However, as Alex Moulton’s interest in small wheels and suspension developed he calculated that a 17” wheel format would offer benefits to riders and opportunities to develop a new cycling format.

Defying conventional wisdom, by calculation and experimentation he proved that 17” wheels with narrow, high pressure tyres offered low rolling resistance, high acceleration and delivered fast riding. 

And so the AM Series was born.

The AM Series distinquishing feature are their 17” wheel format.  They also share the other defining characteristics of Moulton bicycles.  Spaceframe construction – making it lightweight yet incredibly strong; hydrolastic rear suspension and front leading link suspension with floating stirrup.

The AM-Series offers a number of variants designed for different types of rider.

AM 22

This bicycle was designed to utilize the 17” wheel format and to offer a general purpose, lightweight recreational bicycle. 


The AM22 is separable to make transportation or storage convenient and compact.

Manufactured in NiCroMo steel and painted, the AM22 offers the discerning rider a comfortable, fast easy to maneuver and control special riding experience.


The AM GT series of which the Mark 3 is the latest incarnation, takes the principles of the separable AM Series and manifests the result in Stainless Steel to create a truly spectacular looking and very special bicycle.

The use of high tensile stainless steel tubing results in a bicycle that is lightweight, super strong and looks fantastic. 

The AM GT Mk3 has taken riders all around the world, over all sorts of terrain.  Truly a joy to own.


Like all Moulton bicycles with the SPEED designation, the AM SPEED uses a fixed frame (non-separable) to ensure as rigid a frame as possible.


Therefore as much energy generated by the rider is transmitted to the wheels (and not lost in frame vibration) to make the bicycle ride as fast as possible.

The AM Speed has a legacy of sussess in roacing and time trials.

The AM Series offer the serious cyclist an opportunity to own a truly unique bicycle, manufactured to the highest standards and offering strength, speed, lightweight and real head turning looks.

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