8 Reasons to Love a Chedech

The Chedech may look like a normal folding bicycle at first glance.  But when you realise that it is all-carbon, you start to realise it is something special.

Chedech reflects an obsessive drive to create the lightest, most comfortble folding bicycle 

Cycling is one of our most popular pastimes.  Whether you ride for fun and pleasure, to get outdoors, for fitness or for serious riding, there is a bicycle available to suit your needs.


Once you start to get the cycling bug, you enjoy the pleasure of the wind blowing through your hair, the breeze on your cheek. The feeling might tempt you to buy a more expensive bike, and you don’t regret the cost. It’s worth it because you will enjoy riding that much more! Before long, you become obsessed with the bike and want to ride it everywhere, even to work.

But commuting has it drawbacks — you arrive to work sweaty and have difficulty finding a secure place to keep your bike.


So you look out the window every chance you get to make sure the bike is safe. Instead of focusing on your work, you worry about your bike. So you invest in a folding bicycle. It seemed like a good idea, but all too often you soon discover shortcomings.   

Many are heavy to carry; maybe they are not suitable for long rides; and often vibrate more than normal sized bikes.

This was the motivation for the inventor and designer of the Chedech. 

A Korean entrepreneur obsessed with detail and finding perfection, he decided to re-invent what we have known and loved for so long – the folding bicycle.


He set out to make a super light folding bicycle, that is fast, easy to fold/unfold, and most of all comfortable to ride – especially when riding long distances.


And so began his quest to create the Chedech.  He set a number of objectives:

  1. Light enough to carry by hand.

  2. Folds small in one quick moment, with ease.

  3. Runs fast and pleasant to ride.

  4. Absorbs riding impact for comfort.

Having researched the latest trends in cycling he decided that Carbon could offer the foundation for his vision.

Every experienced cyclist knows that a carbon frame is lightweight and allows for fast and comfortable ride.


Typically Folding Bicycles small-sized wheels often deliver greater stress on the rider’s wrists and body.  But we know that carbon can limit the shaking and vibrating movement from riding  - so the next question was  “Why are there so few small wheeled folding bicycles made out of carbon fibre?”


And so a journey of exploration and innovation began........

8 Reasons To Love a Chedech:

1. Lightweight

One of the main selection criteria when choosing a folding bicycle is weight. If you are lifting it in and out of your car, or taking it onto public transport, it must be easy and light to carry.

To achieve optimum lightness, Chedech uses a special carbon material that is used throughout the frame (main and rear) and handles. 


In fact, a great part of the development time and investment in R&D was in finding new ways to weave the carbon so that it remained light but also very strong.


All the major parts are made of carbon fiber, and that leads to a comparatively lightweight bike. For example, Chedech is only 9kg. (without pedal)


This lightweight design helps you to ride faster, and you can also ride uphill more easily. Just like a good carbon road bike, it feels like someone is pushing you from behind per each stroke.

2. Strong and Durable

The team behind Chedech completely understand where to use carbon and where to use metal. For the folding hinges, we used metal to keep it strong for the continuous folding movements.

For the other frame parts we used carbon to keep the bike light and comfortable. In addition, we use a strengthened carbon material for the parts connecting the metal hinges to the carbon frames. 


This is done by adding extra chemicals, which make those linking parts stronger than the other carbon areas.

3. Innovative Technology

In order to execute against the vision of a strong, lightweight, high performing folding bicycle, a number of challenges had to be overcome.


Perhaps the biggest challenge Chedech faced required them to innovate and invent new ways of manufacturing a carbon bicycle.


While the use of carbon ensures lightness, using it in a folding format had never been particularly successful.


The nature of a folding bicycle, by having the frame incroporating a folding mechanism, tends to compromise rigidity, stiffness and strength.


By research, trial and error, Chedech evenutally achieved the goal of a carbon frame that met their standards, but only after coming up with 3 New Technical Innovations.

 Hexa-Form Main Frame

When you look at the Chedech, one of the most striking features is the cross sectional shape of the frame.  This is called Hexa-Form and arrived as a result of extensive research and development.

The main frame has a hexa-form, which allows the frame resist twisting.   This was critical, because in order to achieve a compact folded size (one of the other key  objectives) Chedech had to adopt an inline frame and folding system.  


Typically, for lower priced foldies using this inline folding concept, the ride can feel unstable at times as the bicycle can be affected by “twisting” of the frame between the handle and the saddle due to strong riding inputs through the pedals.


Chedech's innovative hexa-form is a major breakthrough to control twisting and a major contributor to the excellent ride quality.

ii Chemically Reinforced Carbon Fiber

The Chedech research study group tested many different carbon fibers in order to diminish the twisting movement on the frame.


They did everything possible to come up with a more stable frame, such as testing different fibers, adding extra chemicals, or adopting various ways of adding carbon sheet per each part. As a result, the final product has a much stronger frame than is normally the case.

iii Hidden Wall Inside the Frame


To further reinforce and strengthen the frame to resist the twisting impact, Chedech then came up with a further new design concept.


A metal 'wall' is inserted into the frame that gives more support and resistance against pulling in one direction.


While this adds a little weight, the great benefit is that it helps complete a dream bike that featured an inline carbon frame bike that does not shake while riding.


This internal wall is an integral part of the main frame, handle post and seat post.  The result, the Chedech has great strength at these junction points and is more stable than any of its rivals.

4. New Folding Mechanism

​In order to make a more competitive and practical folding bike, very careful attention was paid to the folding mechanism.

 Chedech studied the way other bikes folded in order to see how a more stable and faster movement could be achieved when folding.

As a result, the hinge between the main frame and rear frame is a new invention that allows speedy folding and unfolding. Special hinges were developed for this new quick release system.

5. Optimum geometry for a one size frame bike


Most folding mini-velos are limited in frame size due to the folding mechanism, and they offer only one size, regardless of the bike-rider’s height. So the challenge is to design a one frame size bike that is capable of accommodating different sized cyclists. An inherent challenge of the small wheel bicycle is that it has a short distance between two wheels due to the small folding size.

If the bike’s geometry allows a large difference on the bike-rider’s saddle location for the height of the rider then the bicycle can be insecure for uphill riding. This is because the front of the bike will not receive enough weight distribution from rider’s upper body weight.


This becomes particularly important when the bicycle is super light (like the Chedech).  So a key design consideration is weight balance, regardless of cyclists’ body size, and top design a one size Chedech that is very stable for most bike-riders, regardless of uphill or downhill cycling.


This well-balanced geometry is a vital feature of the Chedech and allows a wider range of rider sizes and types to enjoy the bicycle with stability and confidence.

6. Speed


The main concern for many riders is speed. But this factor is often not a main consideration in the design of many folding bikes. Most manufacturers focus first on easy and compact foldability.

Impact absorption is often sacrificed in favor of small wheels.


So, designing a folding bicycle with small wheels that is fast, minimizes vibration and is stable at speed was a major consideration in the design for Chedech.


With Chedech’s anti-twist main frame design, you can run fast, with comfort and stability.  In fact, when you get onto the Chedech, you feel the bicycle wants to be ridden fast.


Most testers started their review with one sentence, that they could feel the riding emotion that they usually have with a carbon road bike.

7. Fast Folding, Compact Size


One of the main features of Chedech is its small-sized folding function, which is perfectly suited for commuting.


You can ride many hours without worrying about your endurance (you can take a taxi or bus back if you are tired).



And, when you arrive at work you don’t need to let your bike stand alone outside in bad weather, unwatched.


You can keep it under your desk and then quickly unfold it for the ride home. Chedech’s folding mechanism was built with time management in mind.


We carefully designed our quick release system and even invented new hinge system for the main folding part.


When folded, Chedech is secure and easy to carry.

8. Lightness of Weight


All bike designers are stressed-out about weight, especially with folding bike designs. A lighter bike is often the reason someone buys.


For a folding bike, weight is a topic of much discussion and research because most cyclists want to carry their bike inside public transport, into buildings, and even store under their desks in a cupboard at home or in the back of their car.


A stable carbon folding bike has been a challenge for the bicycle industry for many years, so the task has been impossible to solve……until now.


With Chedech, you now have the first hand-carryable, light, folding bike, that is strong, stble fast and fun.  A true joy to ride.


As with all products out of Korea, you know that it has been designed and manufactured with innovation and fine attention to detail and quality.  Chedech is no exception.


But the proof is in the experience.  All BRU and My Bike Shop outlets have demo bikes just waiting for you to test them out.

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